Linear Height LH-600E/EG - Series 518 -High Performance 2D Measurement System-MTY002

Category: Height Gauge
  • Excellent accuracy of (1.1+0.6L/600)μm with 0.1μm/0.5μm resolution/repeatability.
  • Perpendicularity (frontal) of 5μm and straightness of 4μm are guaranteed.
  • Pneumatic full/semi-floating system allows adjustment of air-cushion height.
  • Basic statistical functions are provided and, additionally, RS-232C / USB data output provides the option of evaluating measurement data externally with SPC software on a PC.
  • One-key operation for running a semi-automatic measurement.
  • Data entry from a Digimatic tool.

Technical Data
Measuring range: 0 - 38” / 0 - 972mm
Slider stroke: 24” / 600mm
Resolution: 0.0001 / 0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1mm or (switchable)
0.0001 / 0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1mm / .000001” / .00001” / .0001” / .001”
Accuracy at 20°C: Refer to the list of specifications.
Floating method: Full / semi-floating with built-in air compressor
Display:TFT LCD (color)

Optional Accessories
12AAC072: Depth probe
12AAC073: ø20mm taper probe
12AAA787: Block for calibrating probe diameter (applicable to taper probe)
12AAA792: Dial indicator (ø8mm stem) holder
12AAA837: Dial indicator (ø3/8”stem) holder
12AAA793: Probe extension holder (85mm/3.3”)
12AAB136: ø10mm cylindrical probe
932361: Mu-checker lever head holder
12AAF666: ø1mm ball probe
12AAF667: ø2mm rubby ball probe
957261: ø2mm ball probe
957262: ø3mm ball probe
957263: ø4mm ball probe
12AAB552: ø10 mmball probe, L=55mm
12AAF668: ø10mm ball probe, L=82mm
12AAF669: ø10mm ball probe, L=120mm
12AAF670: ø5mm disk probe
12AAF671: ø10mm disk probe
957264: ø14mm disk probe
957265: ø20mm disk probe
12AAF672: ø1mm ball offset probe
12AAA788: ø4mm ball offset probe
12AAA789: ø6mm ball offset probe
226116: Test indicator (ø6mm stem) adapter
226117: M2 CMM stylus adapter
226118: M3 CMM stylus adapter
————: CMM ball and disk hard probes are available.
12AAF712: Battery pack
12AAF675: Large capacity battery pack
12AAA797 Thermal printer (120V)
12AAA802 Thermal printing paper (10pcs.)
12AAA804 Cable for page printer** (2m)
12AAA807 RS-232C cable (2m/80”)
12AAA808 RS-232C cable (4m/160”)
12AAH034 USB-Memory

Standard Accessories
ø5 Eccentric probe (12AAF634)
Probe diameter calibration block (12AAA715)
Battery (12AAA712)
AC adapter (357651)
Power Cable (02ZAA010)
Clear Cover (223587)
Conveying handle (510434)

LH-600EG 518-352A-21 WITH POWER GRIP

Order Number 518-351A-21
Image 518-351A-21.jpg
Measuring Range 0-38in 0-972mm
Resolution .000001/.00001/.0001/.001/in 0.0001/0.001/0.01/0.1mm
Measuring Accuracy .000043 + (.000024 x L*/24)in/(1.1+0.6L**/600)µm
Repeatability Plane:.000015/0.4µmBore:.000035in0.9µmin µm
Perpendicularity .0002in 5µm
Drive Method Motor Drive (5,10,15,20,25,30,40mm/s=7steps)/manual
Measuring Force 1N
Balance Method Counter balance
Main Unit Floating Method Full/semi-floating with air
Air Source Built-in air compressor
LCD Display TFT LCD (color)
Language for Display English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Japanese
Number of Datas 60000 1 program 30,000(max)
Power Supply AC Adapter/Battery (Ni-MH)
Power Consumption 43VAW
Operation Time Approx. 5 hours
Mass 52.8lbs 24kg


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