Kyoritsu 4106

Category: Earth Testers

Earth Resistance & Resistivity Tester

High test current up to 80mA yielding resolution of 0.001Ω on 2Ω range.
Advanced Filtering method (based on FFT Fast Fourier Transform) reduces noise interference for obtaining stable measurements.
Automatic and Manual selection of the Test Current Frequency in four bands (94/105/111/128Hz). In Automatic mode, KEW 4106 will select the most suitable Frequency.
Several sub-results can be shown on the display: Resistance of the Auxiliary Earth Spikes, Frequency of Test Current, Voltage and Frequency of Interference (noise), Residual Resistance Rk, etc.
Warning for excessive noise and high Auxiliary Earth Spikes resistance.
Large Graphic Display with backlight for readings in poorly illuminated areas.
Up to 800 measurement results can be saved in the memory and recalled on the display.
The stored results can be transferred to a PC using the "KEW Report" software and a USB adaptor (Model 8212-USB) which are included.
Robust design with IP54 protection.
Function Range Resolution Measuring range Accuracy
Earth resistance
(Rg at
ρ measurement)
0.001Ω 0.03~2.099Ω |±2%rdg±0.03Ω
20Ω 0.01Ω 0.03~20.99Ω |±2%rdg±5dgt (*1)
200Ω 0.1Ω 0.3~209.9Ω
2000Ω 3~2099Ω
20kΩ 10Ω 0.03~20.99kΩ
200kΩ 100Ω 3~209.9kΩ
Auxiliary earth resistance
Rh, Rs
      8% of Re+Rh+Rs
Earth resistivity
0.2~395.6Ω•m ρ=2×π×a×Rg (*2)
20Ω 0.2~3956Ω•m
200Ω 20~39.56kΩ•m
2000Ω 0.2~395.6kΩ•m
20kΩ 2.0~1999kΩ•m
Series interference voltage
Ust (A.C only) (*3)
50V 0.1V 0~50.9Vrms |±2%rdg±2dgt (50/60Hz)
|±3%rdg±2dgt (40~500Hz)
Autoranging 0.1Hz
40Hz~500Hz |±1%rdg±2dgt
Measuring method Earth resistance: Fall-of-potential method (currents and voltages measured via the Probes)
Measurement method of Earth Resistivity (ρ): Wenner 4-pole method
Series interference voltage (earth voltage): RMS Rectifier (between the E-S Terminals)
Memory capacity 800 data
Communication Interface Model 8212-USB Optical Adaptor
LCD Dot-matrix 192×64 monochrome
Over-range Indication "OL"
Overload Protection between E-S(P) and between E-H(C) terminals AC280V / 10 sec.
Withstand voltage between the electrical circuit and enclosure AC3540V(50/60Hz) / 5 sec.
Applicable standards IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V, CAT.IV 150V Pollution degree 2
IEC 61010-031, IEC 61557-1, 5, IEC 61326-1 (EMC), IEC 60529 (IP54)
Power source DC12V : sizeAA manganese dry battery (R6P) × 8
(Auto power off: approx. 5 minutes)
Dimensions 167(L) × 185(W) × 89(D) mm
Weight approx. 900g (including batteries)
Accessories 7229A (Earth precision measurement),
7238A (Simplified measurement test leads),
8032 (Auxiliary earth spikes [2 spiks/set])×2 sets (4 spikes in total),
8200-04 (Cord reel [4 pcs])×1 set,
8212-USB (USB adaptor with "KEW Report(Software)"),
9121 (Shoulder strap),
9125 (Carrying case),
R6P×8, Instruction manual, Calibration certificate
Optional 8212-RS232C (RS232C adaptor with "KEW Report(Software)")
(*1) Auxiliary earth resistance is 100Ω with Rk correction
(*2) Depending on the measured Rg. Interval [a] between auxiliary earth spikes is 1.0~30.0m
(*3) This instrument is NOT designed to measure line voltages on commercial powers.


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