Soil moisture/ph Meter

Soil moisture/Soil ph meter

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This device measures a resistance of soil easily by pushing a cone vertically into the profile  scrapped evenly. Measuring range 0...

Category: pH Meters

Microprocessor based with splash proof housing. Simultaneous display pH and Temperature. Automatic or manual temperature compensation. °C/°F switchable Simple...


Includes data logger, water resistant enclosure, and EC-5 probe. (Software and interface cable kit required, not included)


Applications: Soil, sand, Natural compost, Sawdust, pulp, building materials, Industrial sludge and Chemical fertilizers…etc.                                                                      ...


  ◇ moisture measurement and control. ◇ 4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 2Vdc output. ◇ IP65 Watertight enclosure, Stainless steel probe. ◇ Custom...

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