CIA031-Basic Gloss Meter 60 degree

Category: Gloss meters

  • Self-calibration, no need to be hand adjustment.
  • Calibrate to provided standard (calibration tile)
  • Completely intelligentized design. Simple menu-driven system operated by two user-friendly buttons interface convenient to use
  • Long life-span lamp- house, no need to change
  • Lightweight, fine, stylish appearance, portable to carry
  • International Standard ISO2813, ASTM D523 (USA)
  • Automatically shut down
  • LCD digital display
  • Easy to use and accurate. Precise measure, excellent repetition performance
  • Have electrical source pressure shortage indication function



Brief Introduction

The GLOSS METER is complete according with state standard GB9754-88GB9966.5 and international standard ISO2813, all items of the performance reach to the state JJG696-2002 (Lens Luster Degree Instrument Measure Test Regulations) the first class work requirements.  

Technology parameter  



Projecting angle

60 degree


The surface luster measure for printing ink, oil paint, bake lacquer, coat, woodwork and others.     The surface luster measure for construction decoration materials: Marble; granite; glass chemical polishing brick, pottery brick and etc  The surface luster measure for plastic, sheet and others  The surface luster measure for other non-metal materials

Measure range


Measure range


Value error



DC9V×1 (not included in delivery)

Environment temperature 


Relative humidity





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