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Created on: 22 May 2013

GasAlertMicro5 IR adds infrared detection or CO2 to a standard four gas configuration or can be combined with non-standard combinations of other sensor for speciality applications. Add the attachable/removable sampling pump for confined space entry or remote sampling GasAlert Micro 5 IR uses a non-dispersive infrared sensor to monitor carbon dioxide levels while simultaneously monitoring and displaying up to four additional atmospheric hazards including O2, LEL and a range of toxic gases. Compact and lightweight, the GasAlert Micro 5 IR comes housed in a highly concussion-proof enclosure. Audible, visual and vibrator alarms activate in the event of a Low, High, TWA or STEL alarm condition. An optional motorized pump is available for remote sampling. Beyond standard BW portable instrument features such as confidence beep, full function self test, automatic calibration and pass-code protection, the GasAlertMicro5 IR offers an extended selection of user-settable field options including: stealth mode, backlight options, selectable ppm resolution, STEL/TWA measurement choice, combustible correction factors, user-settable calibration gas concentrations, multi-language...